A fire crackles in the background. You’re curled up on the couch in your comfiest pajamas and chunky socks with a good book and a piping hot mug of hot chocolate on the side table next to you. Outside, fluffy white snowflakes fall silently past the frosty window, but the cold weather couldn’t be farther from your cozy living room. If you’re in the northern hemisphere, you might be lucky enough to have your winter hibernation coincide with the Christmas season, adding an extra dose of yuletide magic, such as when Wonderful Christmastime pops up on shuffle or you catch Home Alone on the TV as you flip through the channels, a Christmas tree twinkling in the corner of the room. But even if after Christmas, the chilly winter air is the perfect excuse to cancel all plans and enjoy the quiet time indoors.



Winter vibes

Whether it’s snow piled against a frosty windowsill or a fluffly layer of white on the branches outside, a winter night in will always begin with winter vibes


Hot drinks

A proper winter hibernation is always accompanied by some form of hot drink


Cozy pajamas

There’s no better time to be awake in your pajamas than when it’s cold outside and you’re bundled indoors on the couch


Chunky socks

Often paired with pajamas are chunky, comfy socks that you can lounge around in


Warm settings

Perhaps it’s some candles, holiday lights, or maybe even a full blown fire. No matter what, there’s always a warm cozy setting to keep the night toasty


The sound of a crackling fire

The soothing crackle of the fire is the only soundtrack you really need on a cold winter’s day


Comfy blankets

A comfy favorite blanket can be added to any hibernation session on the couch for an added dose of warmth


Chunky sweaters

Sweater weather is in effect and makes for the perfect lounging around outfit


Seasonal snacks

In between lounging sessions, a seasonal snack is the perfect thing to help you get by

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Author: Adrian Monaco

Co-founder of Archetypical. When the days get shorter and the nights get cold, I love a good excuse to spend the night in.

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