City & Country Time Capsules

The beloved eras of our favorite places

Like San Francisco during the Summer of Love, Jazz Age New York City, or Victorian-era London, these places lived through a time period that had its own distinct sights, sounds and flavors that no other period quite replicated. They are arranged here in general order of occurrence.

Icon of Winston Churchill
Icon of Victorian carriage

Victorian Era England

Under Queen Victoria, England was reshaped in just about every way

Icon of Winston Churchill

WWII Era London

A period of famous leaders, infamous terror, and air red shelters

Icon of a flapper

Jazz Age New York City

Flappers, Prohibition, and of course Jazz – New York was abuzz during the roaring ’20s

Icon of Merlin

Arthurian England

Was it a real time period? Was it a myth? Either way, it’s a fun time to explore

Icon of a sheriff's building from the Wild West era

The Wild West Era American Southwest

The era of sheriffs versus lawlessness, west of the Mississippi