Neighborhoods of Distinction

More than just a municipal district

These are the neighborhoods that live beyond the borders drawn by governments, and their reputations are known throughout the world. They have their own distinctive sights, flavors and characteristics that no lines on paper can capture. They are arranged in no particular order.

Neighborhoods of Distinction
Icon of red brick townhouse building

West Village, NYC

A quaint, red brick village oasis nestled in the midst of Manhattan madness

Icon of the Painted Ladies in San Francisco

Haight Ashbury, SF

The place at the epicenter of the hippie and ’60s counter-culture movements

Icon of 101 Spring Street cast iron building in the SoHo neighborhood of New York


The iconic neighborhood known for cast iron buildings, fire escapes, and lofts

Icon of Big Ben in London

Westminster, London

Officially a “city”, this neighborhood is fit for both a King and a Prime Minister