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Big Sur & The California Coast

A quintessentially beautiful stretch of American coastline

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If you ever get the chance, jump into a red convertible, roll the windows down, and cruise down the winding cliffs of Big Sur with the sea-salt wind in your hair – there are very few things more epic. Each turn brings stunning vistas of the Pacific below or rolling hills gracefully spanned by picturesque arched bridges, and you can’t help but feel a sense of freedom and being alive. It’s at once massive and intimate; huge jagged cliffs spilling into vast oceans mixed with sublime personal experience.

The mystique of Big Sur has been cultivated over time. Many famous people have contributed stories, art, music and other homages – none perhaps more famous than Jack Kerouac himself, whose “Big Sur” and “On the Road” both memorialize the region and lend it a certain allure, like an invitation to find one’s self in cavernous California valleys a la the author. These and the other tributes have solidified the region as one of America’s most picturesque, admired, and well known. Anyone who’s been lucky enough to drive down Highway 1 won’t soon forget this memorable, unmissable stretch of it.


Experience It

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Drive the coastline

There is of course no better way to get a real sense of the region’s majesty than by hopping in a car and exploring its every curve.


Read "Big Sur" by Jack Kerouac

In this novel by esteemed Beat writer Jack Kerouac, the region itself might as well be a character. Experience what made Jack so found of these golden cliffs.


Listen to "One Fast Move or I'm Gone" by Ben Gibbard & Jay Farrar

Need a soundtrack for your drive down the coast? Toss this album on and enjoy a raw, Americana-filled tour through Kerouac-inspired musical scenery.

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